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Zero Twist Plush Towels - Highly Absorbent Zero Twist Plush Guest Towels Set

This is our bestseller product that is fluffiest and silkiest of them all also it is luxurious than any of our towel set. Zero twist plush woven towels are made with extra caution to achieve their softy, silky and fuzzy surface. These are made with 100% organic and genuine cotton fibers which makes them extra-absorbent than others as well as durable and breathable.

Zero twist plush woven design also comes in a set of six-piece that ranges from two hotel and spa quality hand towels, two extremely absorbent washcloths to two extra-large luxury bath towels. These sizes are seamless for any home and to revamp your bathroom, these towels are the greatest selection.

They come in beautiful and vibrant colors that ranges from light and pure whites, ashy greys to cool-toned blues and every other color in between. So select the color you like and order right now to avail huge discounts and save a lot of cash by shopping from Lelaan.

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