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Viscose Stripe Towels - Luxurious Soft Hotel & Spa Quality Hand Towels Set

Lelaan’s viscose stripe woven towels are the finest when it comes to altering or revamping your bathroom décor. Our viscose striped towel sets are made from hundred percent pure and organic cotton and the stripes are finished with viscose fiber woven on the dobby to give it a lavish and lustrous texture.

Highlight your bathroom by only changing your towels with our attractively designed viscose stripe towel sets. They are available to purchase in a set of six towels comprising of two amazingly moisture wicking washcloths, two extremely absorbent hand towels and two luxury hotel and spa quality bath towels.

Shop our stunning viscose stripe towel sets in a variation of different colors that ranges from countless astonishing shades of whites, greys and blues. Get ginormous discounts and deals from our sale section and save tons of dollars.

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