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100% Cotton Percale Sheet Sets - Cool and Crisp - 5 star Hotel Bedding

Our percale sheet sets are deliberated to be the finest sheets for summer and for warm weathers. Our percale sheet sets are magnificently made with hundred percent pure and organic cotton that is amply more respiring than any other material.

Pamper yourself in the lushness of Lelaan’s cotton percale sheet sets and rest peacefully. Hot climates demand for some cool tones and neutral shades which we deliver you with simplicity. We offer a variety of colors ranging from ash grey, light beige, peachy blush, cool blue, light green and vivid tan to pure white color. These natural color tones are sure to give you a serener feeling along with the cool and crisp feel of our percale sheets.

All the common bed-sheet sizes are available to purchase including king size, queen size to a twin sized bed and every size in between. With our cotton percale sheet sets, make your bed flawlessly that has a casual, crisp and snug feel to it. These are prone to wrinkles but that’s what makes it more comfy.

Solid colors makes our percale sheet sets more attention-grabbing and sophisticated. Our fitted sheets are made to grip your bed perfectly through the elasticated side pockets to prevent any slipping or sliding of sheets.

Shop the top cotton percale sheet sets from Lelaan at lesser and inexpensive prices and uncover miraculous sales on our website.

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