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How To Wash your Bath Towels?

February 17, 2017

How To Wash your Bath Towels?

How To Wash your Bath Towels Everyday?

Isn’t it nice to use a fresh towel every day? But using a bath towel everyday may require cleaning it more often and how often should you ‘really’ clean your towel? That is the real question here. Sometimes we wash the towel dry it and the towel still remains dirty or gives a dirty look. Why? Ever thought about it?

What Really Happens To Your Bath Towel When It Gets Dirty?

What Really Happens To Your Bath Towel When It Gets Dirty? has some valuable information apart from the ordinary which we want to share with you guys about how to keep your towels, bath towel sets, hand towels and washcloths clean. And why you need to clean them more often than you really think should you do or do! The scientific research has proved and shown that using a bath towel every day and cleaning us up with it not only produces all kinds of germs, bacteria but provides an ideal condition; moisture for them to spread around. Warm temperature, moisture and natural pH are typical conditions in which the bacteria spreads faster than in any other condition, which by the way are all typically present in your washroom.

How Unsafe Is It To Use The Same Towel Again And Again?

How Unsafe Is It To Use The Same Towel Again And Again?

Our body’s surface is a good host to microorganisms, for that matter millions of them. When our body is naked you dry yourself up with a bath towel the microorganisms of your body move to your bath towel. These start living in that towel. Most of them do not cause damage to your health but ‘precaution is better than cure’. These microbes multiply very quickly. The worst part is these microbes which now are present in the towel gather bacteria from other ends of the bathroom too, especially your toilet. This is why when your bath towel starts to smell, or produce smell and that when it’s essential to WASH IT!

Some Tips And Tricks On How To Keep Up With Your Bath Towels?

How To Wash Towels? Tips How To Wash Cotton Towels

Here are some tips and tricks which shall help you take precautions and save better bath towels for use. Don’t use a bath towel more than 6 times. Dry your towel completely between the usages. For example once you are out of shower don’t use the same wet towel again for another shower let it dry first till you take the next shower. Try to dry your bath towel in a well- ventilated area where air passes. Wash them daily and wash them at 60 degree centigrade or above if you want to kill all the microbes. Last but not the least NEVER share your best bath towels with anyone else.

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