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Buy Jersey Sheet Sets On Sale

February 09, 2017

Buy Jersey Sheet Sets On Sale

Jersey Is The Sheet Set To Fall In Love With! 

cozy jersey sheet sets

Jersey bed sheets are usually taken out in the winter season and summer season both depending upon their nature of linen. Jersey is a fabric, mainly used for the manufacturing of clothing. The origin of Jersey is from wool. But with changing times Jersey is now made of cotton, Synthetic fibers and wool too. The specialty of the Jersey is that it is light weight, durable and soft. Buy Jersey sheet sets are softer and more comfortable with wear. They feel cool when temperatures raise cozy in the winter. The thread count normally refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads per square inch. The fabric becomes softer when the thread count is higher. Which helps it to be more comfy and cozy in the bed when a sheet is made out of it.  Good bed sheets range usually from 200 to 500 GSM. If the thread count is lower, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the fabric is of low quality. There are cotton sheets which fall in Jersey category, which are finished very nicely and actually feel like they have a higher thread count! The thread count for Jersey sheet sets normally is 150 GSM. Therefore Jersey bed sheets are soft and have a natural stretchiness of the fabric which makes it naturally wrinkle free and easy to care for. You don’t have to worry about the maintenance of these easy knit cotton sheets. Moreover, these sheets are machine wash warm with like colors, gentle cycle and tumble dry low.

 Why Jersey Bed Sheets Are Bi-Seasonal?

Seasonal Jersey Sheets

This is the main reason the Jersey linen is used in cold and warm areas seasons both. It is a bi-seasonal product. It is cozy and comfortable. Very soft and plush. As we are passing by winters, I’ll talk about the Best Jersey bed sheets which you would use in winter with a higher GSM. GSM defines the density of a cloth or fabric. Therefore web stores like to put up Jersey linens which are high on GSM for example 200-500 and above. Thus they feel cozy and comfortable in bed and you don’t feel like getting out of your bed in the chilly morning out of your bed.

Which Size You Should Go For Jersey?

Jersey Sheet Sets Queen Size

Mostly queen 100 percent cotton size is very much liked by the customers and sold out most out of all the sizes. There are however Egyptian cotton Jersey sheet sets available too, but these are way too expensive because of their high quality and long threads. There is a vast collection available for the jersey sheet sets made with the finest Egyptian cotton. The freshly designed bedding sheets sets with style for comfortable sleep from luxurious to charming designs. These sheets sets are normally available in light to medium weight with their soft breathable and smooth to the touch aspects.

Why Is The Best Online Store To Buy Cotton Jersey Sheets?

Jersey Sheets For Sale which is a home décor online store catering bed and bath décor in New york, New Jersey and many more states of USA offers the best prices and offers on Solid Jersey sheet sets in remarkable colors and quality. has the best sheet sets out there for you, the superior quality sheet sets come in all colors and sizes. At, the splendid sheets are available in seven stunning colors. These include, Beige, Silver, Grey, Blue and White. Shop from the official online store of to discover the full range of colorful sheet set and this autumn’s new arrivals.

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