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Top 6 Bed Sheet Sets on Sale

January 05, 2017

Top 6 Bed Sheet Sets on Sale

Luxury cotton Bed Sheets For Sale

The color white itself depicts softness and calmness in itself. The feel of your favorite t-shirt soft stretchy, cozy & comfortable.  We all love to have soft and comfy sheet sets underneath us in the chilly season especially when it’s available on sale. After the Christmas, Black Friday and Holiday season sales, the January White sale has started on with attention-grabbing discounts and offers.

A good night’s sleep is very essential for the next day to be fresh. Or otherwise the whole day goes wasted and sluggish feeling hovers over you. One fourth of a man’s life is spent sleeping? Wow! I guess many of you didn’t know this, but now you know; have you started caring about your sleep more than you did 5 minutes ago?

 If a sheet set is not up to the good quality, you may end up getting half of the above percentage to sleep in your life. Bed Sheet sets are made up of many kinds of linens. These include synthetic and non-synthetic sheet sets. this January is offering up to 70% off on all sheet sets. Including 15% free on 1st sign up, FREE SHIPPING with the coupon code “ship2k17”. Let’s take a look on the six sheet sets which are on discounted price on our white sale

Cotton Flannel Bed Sheets

Buy Flanel Sheet Sets

We offer the softest flannel sheet sets unlike any other.  Our flannel sheets are Light in weight and warm which makes them perfect for cold season. These are guaranteed to keep you so comfy, you don’t ever want to get up in the morning. A definite best buy for winters, on a Jan White sale 2017 for the long winter to come by.

Cotton Percale Bed Sheets

Buy Percale Sheet Sets

These are the incredibly cool and crispy sheet sets. Our percale sheets are the perfect duvet for a large bed with lots of pillows on it. The Percale sheet sets feel luxurious and comfortable. Made with 100% cotton, these are very durable and woven tightly. They have a good finish and texture. These are used in summers as the fabric is cool and crisp. These are available on January White Sale with tremendously low prices. 

Luxury Sateen Bed Sheets

Buy Sateen Sheet Sets

With 300 thread count Sateen sheet set is one of my favorite out of the six.  The cotton is rich with great luster and finish. The sheet sets themselves are durable and super soft after the wash with very little wrinkling or piling. These sheet sets simply adds to your bedroom’s luxuriousness. Grab them on our White sale now.

Melange Jersey Bed Sheets

Buy Melange Sheet Sets

These heather jersey sheets are cotton made. The best part about these sheet sets is that they are very soft and plush. Moreover the sheet sets are breathable which means these are perfect for summer season and need low maintenance. Perfect for the next season collection, if you are a big savvy then buy these from lelaan’s January White Sale.

Cotton Modal Bed Sheets

Buy Modal Sheet Sets

Modal jersey sheet sets are made from 100% cotton linen. These are made from the pulp extracted from the Beachwood trees spun into yarn and then knitted to make fabric. The fabric is very soft to the touch, easily re-washable at home, breathable and light in weight.

Modern Jersey Bed Sheets

Buy Jersey Sheet Sets

Luxurious Jersey sheet sets are especially known for their durability and bi-seasonal usage. The linen is soft, absorbent, and breathable. Our jersey sheet sets are best for spring/summer climates and are easily washable in any regular washing machine. Perfect time to buy them at January White Sale.

The January White Sale & Winter Clearance Sale  are good opportunity for the people who like to cover their beds all year with pleasant colors and love to enjoy the seasonal sheet sets for comfort and a good night’s sleep. So avail discounts from our mesmerizing sale right now!

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